(Now closed)

Welcome to Creo's Riddle. This is a URL replacement puzzle of 30 levels. All solutions are a single word, name or a number. No special software is required for this riddle, and there is nothing to download. If you are an experienced riddler you will know how it works.

If you are new to online riddles then enter your answer by changing the URL of the web page you are currently viewing. For example, if the web page you are on is start.htm and you think the answer is France then change the URL from start.htm to france.htm (no capital letters, no spaces and no punctuation marks).

There may be clues in the source code (to view the source right mouse click on the background and select "view source"), and in the name of the level picture, and the title of the page. Solutions are a mix of lateral thinking, general knowledge, anagrams and conversions of symbols. Google, Wiki, Purple Hell and an anagram solver are excellent resources.

You progress through levels, with the goal of completing all 30 levels of this riddle.

Thanks for playing - good luck, and have fun!