If you have arrived at this page it is probably from following one of the hard coded links in my previous riddlex games. Unfortunately, the riddlex hints forum is no longer available.

The spamming of internet bulletin board forums is an epidemic. For a forum owner it is a constant grind of trying to keep up with the spam posts generated by automated spam bots. Despite putting our forum Captcha registration settings at the highest level, and the hard work of the forum moderators, spam appears continuously. The only solution would be to approve all posts before they appear, but I just don't have the time or resources to approve all posts. It goes against my entire ethos of a family friendly recreational website, when visitors to my website forum are subjected to obsenities such as porn and illegal paedophile spam. I have no viable way to stop this spam, and I just cannot be allow my site to contain illegal spam, so, with regret, I have had no alternative than to close the forum to maintain the integrity of this website.

My previous games have hint threads on games websites, and my current game as non-linear doesn't require hints. If you are desperate for a game hint then please use one of those games websites that carry links to our games, such as EscapeGames24, Nordinho or Gamershood.

My sincere thanks to the moderators, and all who supported the forum, when it was active.