• 1: Welcome
• 2: Lock
• 3: Shooter
• 4: Holmes
• 5: Match
• 6: Picto
• 7: Tetris
• 8: Marathon
• 9: Tube
• 10: Billboard
• 11: Origami
• 12: Ouija
• 13: 13
• 14: Henge
• 15: Mosaic
• 16: Scales
• 17: Periodic
• 18: Wordle
• 19: Tarot
• 20: Carnival
• 21: Special #1
• 22: Cluedo
• 23: Clock
• 24: Maths
• 25: Bobbles
• 26: Art
• 27: Oops
• 28: Dozen

[Solved by 58 players]
Glug Glug.

Pictograms, ideograms, codes, ciphers, rhebus, rhymes and rimes, and all the many methods of representating information in a non obvious manner, are the bread and butter of the riddle maker. Some famous authors have used and even developed their own ciphers and codes, and pictograms. But then one could say that the written word is, in some sense, a method of converting a thought into a concept, a visual representation, an emotion, in the mind of the reader.

The image shown here is my own flavour of a sort of cross between a rhebus and pictogram. At a loss as to what to call it I have come up with the uninspiring name of a Picto. Once you have puzzled over it for a while you may think of an alternative name for it :)

This level image has more than one concept behind it, so it is your task to examine the possibilities and come up with ideas, then see if they work. That's the fun of riddles, trying out ideas and then seeing if they make any sense of the puzzle in front of you.

Some players like visual puzzles, some would prefer a more mathematical puzzle, we all have our favourites, but if you have a thirst for this type of visual puzzle, then I am happy to oblige.