• 1: Welcome
• 2: Lock
• 3: Shooter
• 4: Holmes
• 5: Match
• 6: Picto
• 7: Tetris
• 8: Marathon
• 9: Tube
• 10: Billboard
• 11: Origami
• 12: Ouija
• 13: 13
• 14: Henge
• 15: Mosaic
• 16: Scales
• 17: Periodic
• 18: Wordle
• 19: Tarot
• 20: Carnival
• 21: Special #1
• 22: Cluedo
• 23: Clock
• 24: Maths
• 25: Bobbles
• 26: Art
• 27: Oops
• 28: Dozen

[Solved by 69 players]
What isn't there is sometimes as important as what is.

I remember when the first video game machine came out in 1972, it was called Pong, and was as basic as it gets, sort of a table tennis game where you hit a puck (do you have pucks in table tennis?) across the screen, but it was a sensation! The next few years saw the classics such as Space Invaders, Galaxian, Donkey Kong, and of course Pacman. Boy, were they exciting, games that moved. The squeaky sound effects sounded good to our ears, and the basic graphics didn't diminish the fun, after all there was no frame of reference as to what better graphics could be.

Nowadays, computer, arcade and console games have progressed with their sounds and graphics, and the depth to their games. Maybe its nostalgia, but somehow they have lost a little something of that innocent, simple charm that their ancestors had. It was a grey day when games companies moved from the creativity of the individual innovator, to the design by committee approach.

I used to spend far too much time in Arcades. I became a bit of an addict for Galaxian, some individual games lasting two hours, clicking away, shooting up the alien spaceships until my fingers cramped and back ached.

In 1984 Tetris hit the arcades. A cross between a cerebral and a manual dexterity game, I don't think I ever got to grips with either of those prime requirements, and so I never really managed to succeed with it. An astonishingly simple, but devilish piece of design. So for this puzzle I thought I would make my own version of Tetris. Though I don't think the original had a single square block, but this is my version :)

As always, there is a puzzle in this level, but it's up to you to find it, after all it is staring you in the face!