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[Solved by 124 players]
Two words.

The London Underground railway system, or as we Brits call it, the Tube, is reputedly the largest in the world. The actual system is much larger than the image above, this is just the central area of it. I've used it frequently, it is often the only viable way to move around the inner city.

Recently while on business in London I had several appointments around the city. I arrived early morning in London at the Waterloo main terminus, then went north to the bunnies, next onwards three stops passing the green, then three stops towards the black birds, then back four. There I rested for a while and lunched. In the afternoon I decided to start my appointments by taxi and went to the circus as it wasn't too far, the fare was more expensive than I had expected, and finding I was in the red and short of cash, I went to get some. After that, I walked the short distance towards the river, and went round to the top for a call on the fourth level, after that I took a single stop due south. Phew! What a busy day. In the evening I rewarded myself with a movie, which had that famous character in it. Oh, I have forgotten their name, maybe you know it?